The GLOBAl video battle 2016 was awesome! check the winner now!

The Global Video Battle is getting ready to start. A teacher can sign up a team of students if they are aged between approximately  18 - 21 years all across the globe.


What is the GVB all about? It's a creative film making competition. Students all across the world will get the same assignment and in the end only one team will win  in making the best video ever.


A team of students (3-5) need to make a production all by themselves from scratch. They need to come up with a story based on a few ingredients and hand in their complete video 7 weeks later.


In the mean time students need to present their concepts to other students around the globe in an online pitch. This gives students the amazing oportunity to have a look in other cultures, in other classrooms.


The competition will run from May 1st thru July 1st. Online concept presentations will be done within Adobe Connect (aiming for approx May 15).


Contest Rules

  • Students must create an original short movie.
  • Students need to be signed up by a qualified teacher.
  • The video has a length of at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes.
  • The video must be created and submitted in full HD quality (1080p).
  • The video can not include any nudity or profanity.
  • The video must contain the official GVB2016 logo.
  • Footage used must be original or officially licensed for use.
  • Soundtrack must be original or officially licensed for use. We recommend that you look for soundtrack music that is licensed with a Creative Commons license.
  • Submissions must be entered no later than July 1st, 2016.


Each member of the winning team will win:

A one year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud is there to win for all students of the winning team. You'll get access to all of the Adobe software in order to take your creativity even further. We are searching for extra sponsors to make even more students happy!

Winner Global Video Battle 2015 - Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam




Participating schools

These schools are up for the challenge:

A couple of schools have already signed up for the competition that is going to get started  early May. If you want to sign up too then please fill out the form down below.

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


Country: The Netherlands




Educator: Matthijs Clasener

I.S. Falcone Gallarate


Country: Italy




Educator: Maurizio Cavazzoni

Incheon Girls High School


Country: South Korea




Educator: Naldoll Son

And the winner is

The competition has some to an end after weeks of hard work by students all over the world. I'm impressed with the quality this year. It's hard to make a story work within 7 minutes and these students did a fantastic job. In my opinion they are all winners for daring to take part in something like this. But the winner of this competition is the group from the GLR in Rotterdam! Congratulations Arthur, Lauréne, Ims and Zainab and we can't wait what you will make with your one year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud!


Below you will find your points, final grade and feedback from four jurymembers from all over the world too. See what they think and let is help you for future projects.


A special note for the students and teacher from South Korea. They have been with us for a couple of years now. And each year the quality goes up! This years submission is fantastic! Well done!


This is probably the last Global Video Battle... I'm sorry!! But I will be back with a new and challenging project next year. Hope to see you then in a totally new competition. All the best and thank YOU!


Matthijs Clasener

First place: GLR - The netherlands

Nice pictures, but some trouble with the sound... especially in the restaurant, and in the cemetery. I can ear some beards, and just 1 second later I can't ear anymore. Maybe you can fix it with sound effect.

Good variation of shots and reasonable sound. The background music shift from intro to first scene I feel distracts as it changes abruptly. I think it is hard to make the robbery believable because we see these kind of scenes before (also I imagine the space was difficult to film in), perhaps cutting it a little faster will make it more believable. Colors are a bit flat, would love to see this film again with some tweaks.

Well-told story with many powerful shots. The opening images captured my attention and sparked curiosity. At times, the pacing felt slow and it lost some of the intensity and emotional impact for me - like the candle shots. You captured me again with text at the end. Well done.

Excellent story, excellent putting together. The "robbery" which was a key plot point confused me though. Armed robbery for a few watches and pocket change by apparently amateur  thieves?


160 points

The Winner!

second place: Incheon Girls High School - South Korea

Very bad sound !   I can't hear the character... Bad sound mixing, maybe can you add some dissolve... But, very interesting picture treatment. I like the black and white / sepia picture to represent the space between life and death.  Very good idea.

When the girl falls asleep we don't know if it is her dream. The different levels of silence/background noise make the cuts more emphasized in the film. It is a shame that the sound of the dialogue is so low.  Very impressive student film.

Wonderful film and excellent work! The story was intriguing as told through flashbacks, sounds, the wristwatches and dialogue. Two suggestions for improvement: the ambient noise when the girls were on the bench was distracting during the dialogue and some subtitles were hard to reach due to the lack of contrast. I am impressed by your work!

Some audio issues in the "otherworld" sequences. Some of the flashbacks in said sequence were confusing...nice effort. good special effects and it was clear that they were in an otherworld!


149 points

Third place: IS FALCONE Gallarate - Italy

I don't understand this story! To many technical problems. To many blur, one black image in the middle, some sound missing !!!!   The sub title are unreadable (Maybe can you add a black stroke)....  Just one positive point, the musics... very nice BO.

Great angles to add drama. I found the texting with the black background strange. The conversation with the security at the stairs the sound level is very different and the main character falls in background. Beautiful natural light.

This submission contains beautiful sequences - like the opening and shifts in focus. This work shows talent and emotion. The story worked emotionally but left me confused. Sometimes, the subtitles were difficult to read due to lack of contrast and their pacing.

Subtitles were ineligible in key parts of the video which was distracting and confusing for anyone reading them. Plot was confusing. Camera work/edits/cut/special effects etc. were excellent. Story and subtitles brought the quality down for me.


131 points